County Bank offers savings accounts and other savings options for customers of all ages and all stages of your financial life. We have Regular Savings accounts with low minimum balances as well as convenient Money Market accounts and CDs that provide higher interest rates.

We also know that it’s never too early to teach our children to save. We offer Youth Savings so our younger customers can have their own accounts, learn responsibility about savings and spending their own money and watch their savings grow with compounded interest.

If you’re looking to transfer your accounts to County Bank, take advantage of our convenient on-line Switch Kit.

County Bank has recently introduced a new suite of savings account products.  The basic features of each account are shown here.  For additional information on the specific of each account please contact a Personal Banker at 877-611-2525 or visit one of our County Bank locations.

Account Features

 Regular SavingsMoney Market SavingsCertificates of DepositYouth SavingsUniform Transfer to Minors Savings (IAUTMA)
Minimum Opening Balance $ 100 $ 2,500 $1,000 $ 25 $ 25
Minimum Balance Requirement $ 100 $ 2,500 Variable $ 0 $ 0
Other Terms   Minimum withdrawl is $500 Penalty for early withdrawal based on terms of CD Primary owner must be 24 years of age or younger One adult acts as cutodian on the account
Interest Earnings1 Variable Variable depending on balance Variable depending on balance and term2 Variable Variable
Monthly Maintenance Fee/Service Charge
(if balance falls below minimum)
$ 6.00 $ 10.00 N/A N/A N/A
Free Withdrawals Allowed
(per month)
6 6 N/A 6 6
Fee Per Withdrawal After Allowance for Free Withdrawals $3.00 per debit item over 6 per month $5.00 per debit item over 6 per month N/A $1.50 per debit item over 6 per month $1.50 per debit item over 6 per month
Free ATM/Cash Card  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Free Online Banking  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Mobile Banking (with optional Remote Depostie)  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  checkmark
Free e-Statements3  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  checkmark
Check Images
Included with Statements/eStatements
 checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  checkmark

Regular Savings

Whether you're saving for your future, for a rainy day or for a special project, a County Bank Regular Savings account may be what you're looking for. You'll have day-in/day-out access to your funds with low minimum balance requirements.

Money Market Savings

County Bank Money Market Savings accounts have higher minimum balance requirements than our regular savings accounts but are a tiered interest rate product. You'll still have day-in/day-out access to your funds if you need them but you'll need to keep a higher balance to avoid monthly fees. However, if balance does drop below the minimum balance the interest rate will revert back to regular savings account interest.

Certificates of Deposit

County Bank CDs offer competitive interest rates on fixed dollar investments. You can choose from a variety of terms ranging from 91 days to 48 months. CDs are also a popular investment for Indivdual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Youth Savings

County Bank is pleased to offer a special savings option for our customers 24 years of age and younger. This is a $25 minimum balance to open and no monthly maintenance fee account.

Individual Retirement Accounts

County Bank offers Individual Retirements Accounts (IRAs) that allow your investments the opportunity to grow until funds are withdrawn in retirement. For futher information contact a Personal Banker.

Uniform Transfer to Minors Savings (IAUTMA)

These accounts are great accounts to teach even the youngest saver about money management. They only require a $25 minimum balance to open, and have no monthly service charges. And of course, these accounts can be opened at any time for your new baby or toddler - a good place for friends and relatives to help save for your child's future.