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Sometimes you need a special way to handle money for a bill payment, a purchase or a business transaction. Stop by a County Bank office and let us help make your banking easier.

Cashier's Checks

A cashier's check is a check guaranteed by County Bank and is treated as guaranteed funds. Cashier's Checks are available for County Bank customers and fees apply.

Money Orders

Money orders are a safe, convenient and economical alternative to sending cash through the mail. Money orders are available for purchase by County Bank customers at any County Bank location. A government-issued picture ID may be requested at the time of purchase. Fees apply.

Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds are a reliable, government-backed savings products that earn a fixed rate of return. Savings bonds must be purchased online. Visit TreasuryDirect at www.treasurydirect.gov for a description of options. You may continue to redeem savings bonds at financial institutions.

ACH Origination

County Bank participates in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system that is a nationwide network of electronic payments. County Bank can originate and receive payments on our customer's behalf. Typical uses are the automatic deposit of payroll checks and for the payment of bills.